Our German cold cuts, also called lyoner style sausage, are the perfect products for any deli counter and sandwich dish. The various types of cold cuts come in 1kg and 2.5kg collagen casings and are generally delivered in chilled condition to maintain premium quality. We are happy to recommend you any of our cold cuts that are available in both pork and chicken, from mild to spicy. The German cold cuts can be used perfectly for sandwich or pizza topping, German sausage salads or pasta dishes.

German Style Cold Cut - Plain
For real meat lovers who prefer having the full meat flavor.This Lyoner, preferred by the majority of kids, is a delicious pure meat sandwich or pizza topping. The German Style Cold Cut – Plain is the perfect product to provide your dish a light taste of meat without taking too much attention.

German Style Cold Cut - Chili
Especially developed for India it meets every fiery palatine. Sprinkled with hot and spicy chili flakes it will set any dish on fire. This German cold cut is a unique product in the market and is absolutely great for pizza, salads and even pasta if you wish to create a strong, spicy taste that combines perfectly with tomato sauce.

German Style Cold Cut - Herbs
Sparkled with fine herbs this German cold cut has a really natural flavor. Feel the connection to the best of nature’s goods and enjoy feeling healthy and light. The meat, as all other German cold cuts, is very luscious and soft. We recommend it on fitness sandwiches, buffets and cold platters.

German Style Cold Cut - Paprika Flakes
Your mouth will experience a fruity and fresh tickling when eating this paprika infused Lyoner. Refined with green and red paprika flakes, you can taste the freshest vegetables in a cold cut. A tasty innovation that India has never seen before.

German Style Cold Cut - Mushrooms
This Lyoner, a seducing delicatessen for real mushroom lovers, combines pure meat with fresh big chunks of mushrooms. It is more than a spiced Lyoner, best eaten on a sandwich with some onions and mayonnaise spread.

All our German cold cuts are great toppings for pizzas, sandwiches and salads. In Germany, kids and adults both love German cold cut salads combined with tomatoes, gherkins, onions, olives and other vegetables. Our German cold cuts can be ordered in either 2,5kg or 1kg blocks, coming in a collagen casing.

We will also welcome your suggestion of tailor-made German cold cuts if you would like to surprise your customers with an individual touch of your own style. With us, you can create your style and have it your way.

…and, if you prefer German cold cuts chicken, we do offer a chili variety for all chicken lovers.